Sunday, July 30, 2017

Back to School Tips

There's an air of excitement (for parents?) when the back to school supplies arrive on store shelves.  A new school year is a time for a fresh new start and an opportunity to get the kids on the right track before the homework comes rolling in.

Here are a few ideas to make life a little easier or more organized for the new year.

1.  Plan out a week's worth of outfits and hang them in the closet using a hanging sweater organizer. Label each compartment by day of the week.

2.  Create a drop zone for backpacks and folder for paperwork that needs to be signed and returned. Hang bookbags near the front door and keep school shoes underneath.

3.  Before the week gets started pack up baggies or tupperware of snacks that can be easily grabbed and thrown in lunchboxes or grabbed on the way to after school activities.

4.  Create a wipe off calendar system using different color markers for each child.  Put the calendar in a location easily seen by the whole family.

5.  Make time for family time. Don't let the busyness of the day keep you from connecting as a family.  Talk about each other's day and allow time for fun!

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