Friday, February 23, 2018

Tools Every Homeowner Needs

Owning a home begins when you sign the papers at closing – and never ends. There is always work to do and projects to tackle. This sort of personalization is what makes home ownership so much fun! You get to make your home your own.  You just need the right tools to do it.
So whether you consider yourself a regular handyman or you know just enough to be dangerous, here are some tools that every homeowner needs to have in their toolbox.
-        Ladder: For those hard to reach places, light bulb changes and paint jobs
-        Drill and Drill Bits: A must have for most home improvement projects
-        Tape Measure: Know how big the room is before you buy that new sofa
-        Level: Hang pictures just right!
-        Screwdrivers: For all types of DIY furniture projects or new purchases
-        Stud Finder: Hanging a heavy piece of art? This is a must have.
-        Extension Cord: Don’t get caught trying to work without one.
-        Utility Knife: Open and breakdown boxes.
-        Misc Hardware: Get yourself an assortment of nails and screws.
Of course there are other tools you’ll want to add over the years but this should get you started.
Did we miss anything? What would you include in your homeowner tool box?

Monday, February 19, 2018

Building Process

The building process can be a little scary if you've never built a brand new home before, or in some cases if you have. Here at Parkridge Builders, we like to make the home building process as very simple as possible. Our Building Process follows these steps below, ensuring that you'll know what to expect along the way. See more at

Monday, February 12, 2018

Universal Design

Park Ridge Builders is a custom home builder with homes throughout the CSRA. We can build on your land or in one of our several featured communities.
We also provide Universal Design building services that make your home accessible and compatible to your changing needs throughout the years.
Universal Design includes elements such as:
Ground level entry through the front and rear doors
Wide interior doors and hallways
Clear lines of sight
Slip resistant surfaces
Higher than usual electrical receptacles
To learn more about our Universal Design services and how they can be built into your next home give us a call or send us an email at

Friday, February 2, 2018

Park Ridge Builders is a local business with over 35 years experience in the home building industry.

Glynn Bruker is President and Owner of Park Ridge Builders. He has been building custom homes in the CSRA for over 30 years. He is an active member of the Home Builders Association of Augusta and is a licensed builder in both Georgia and South Carolina. Glynn also holds a Certified Aging in Place Specialist certification from the NAHB.
Glynn and his wife Cathy have two children who are actively involved in the family business. Beth coordinates all of the interior design and style elements of the home. Ben oversees the quality assurance and warranty program.