Friday, January 25, 2013

The changing look of custom homes

According to a recent article in the Chicago Tribune about trends in custom homes, buyers expectations are changing rapidly in three distinctive areas.

"Smart Homes"

Buyers want homes with the latest technology built in.

Examples of smart home features include: home automation of light, HVA, security systems, etc.

"Distinctive Spaces"

The article points out the increased demand for unique spaces that capture the feel of a "custom" home.

Examples include larger than life master baths with sauna type features, multiple body spray units and rain heads.  In the kitchen this means beverage stations, functional islands and a design fit for entertaining.

The last element focused on in the article is not really new - better communication with the builder.

This is an area that Park Ridge Builders prides itself on. We understand that building a home involves building a relationship with the home buyer and we strive to continue to strengthen that process.

Friday, January 18, 2013

It's Time.....

It's that time of year time.

While it's not necessarily worthy of a Hallmark card, tax time for homeowners has its benefits.

Homeownership allows for certain tax breaks that can make visiting your accountant a little more bearable.

For information on how these tax breaks apply to you and how to best utilize them we've collected a list of articles that we hope will be educational.

6 Tax Breaks Every Homeowner Should Know

Homeowner Tax Breaks

Deductions for Homeowners

What are some of your biggest questions about taxes for homeowners?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Interviewing Your Builder

Choosing a custom builder is the first important choice you'll need to make in building a new home.

So how do you decide?

We've compiled a list of questions to ask when interviewing potential builders.

  • Licensing and insurance: Is the builder licensed in South Carolina and are they insured? These two items are deal breakers if not present.
  • Experience: How long has the builder been doing this type of work. Have they worked on a home of your size and scope before? Can they provide references of past work.
  • Staff: Who will be your point of contact during the process? What contractors are used?
  • Process: How is the budget set? How are construction issues or changes addressed? What type of follow up or walk-throughs are part of the construction process?
In addition to these questions, how do you feel when talking with the builder? This is an important part of the decision making process because good communication with your builder is an essential part of building a custom home.  You want to work with someone who makes you feel comfortable and listens to your requests.

If you've chosen a builder before, what did you look for and how did you decide?

Friday, January 4, 2013

Colors 2013

Happy New Year!

Each year some of the major paint companies develop their list of color trends they predict will be popular in new home design.

Today, we're sharing with you two color forecasts for 2013.


Behr predicts that several color families will be trendsetters in 2013 including a style throwback to the roaring 20's, deep natural colors, color blocking and magenta - a spin on traditional red. They also see "water-cooled blue" as a popular color for accessorizing a room.

To see samples of their color predictions click HERE


Sherwin Williams predicts several color families in 2013

Midnight Mystery - Moody, muted and masculine - click HERE

Honed Vitality - Soft neutrals inspired by nature - click HERE

Vintage Moxie - Bold Pastels and gem-inspired tones - click HERE

High Voltage - Bold and bright hues - click HERE

What colors are inspiring you this year?